Wednesday, December 15th   On Wednesday, December 15th Horry Lodge #381 put on a FellowCraft Degree at their lodge.  They were kind enough to include one of our Brothers and conducted the courtesy degree for our Brother Raymond Moyer.  Thank you to Horry #381, and Congratulations to Brother Moyer on taking another step closer to becoming fully fledged Master Mason.


Tuesday, December 14th   December’s short Regular Communication Meeting was combined with our Annual Ladies Night and the Open Installation of 2022 Officers.  All were served a wonderful dinner, organized and cooked by Brother Jim Jarrell, his wife El, and with a group of Brothers assisting.  The Ladies, as always were treated to a free meal, and were then invited into the Lodge to watch the Installation of next year’s Officers.  

The annual “Mason of the Year” award was awarded to newly installed WM Allen Anderson, who is pictured below (L) receiving the award from WM Mark Aston (R).  Congratulations WM Allen!

RWB Dick Wesner was voted the 2021 “Past Master of the Year”.  Below he is pictured receiving his plaque from WM Mark Aston (R).  Congratulations RWB Dick!

Pictured below:  WM Mark Aston (L) was then presented with his Past Master’s Apron by newly installed WM Allen Anderson (R).

Last but not least, outgoing WM Mark Aston wanted to start a tradition of passing on a gavel to the following WM.  Pictured below is WM Mark Aston (L) presenting a gavel to the 2022 WM Allen Anderson.


Tuesday, November 9th  Our Annual Elections are held in November, so Tuesday, November 9th the 2022 Officers were elected.  Then line-up for next year is:

Worshipful Master – Elect Brother Allen Anderson
Senior Warden – Elect Brother Trey Hall
Junior Warden – Elect Brother Phil Workman
Treasurer – Elect Brother Jim Jarrell
Secretary – Elect RWB Don Cox
Senior Deacon Brother Ed Vanderbilt
Junior Deacon Brother Tim Lawrence
Steward Brother Jay Dennis
Steward Brother Adam Merritt
Chaplain WB Steve Kahn
Tiler Brother Dino Barr

Congratulations, Brothers!  We are looking forward to a great 2022.


Thursday, October 28th  On Thursday, October 28, 2021 Myrtle Beach Lodge #353 held an EA Degree for two of our Candidates.  We congratulate them both as they begin their Masonic journey to becoming Master Masons.  Pictured below are Brother Hunter Webb (L) and Brother Frank Haney IV (R).


Tuesday, October 12th  At our October Regular Communication two more Awards were awarded.  WB Steven St. Clair had attained his 25-years in Masonry, and pictured below is WB St. Clair (L) receiving his 25-year pin from RWB Don Cox, DDGM (R).  Congratulations WB St. Clair!

This year Brother James Lawton reached his 60-year milestone as a Master Mason.  We congratulate Brother Lawton, who receives a 60-year Certificate, a 60 year Pin and a congratulatory letter from SC Grand Lodge.  Brother Lawton is pictured below (L) being presented his Award from RWB Don Cox, DDGM (R).   

James Lawton receives 60-Year Award


Tuesday, September 14th  At our September Regular Communications a 25-year Pin was awarded.  Congratulations to Brother Henry Cumbie who has reached 25-years as a Mason, and is pictured below (L) after being presented his pin by RWB Don Cox, DDGM (R).  

Also presented at the meeting was a 50-year Award.  Reaching this milestone was Brother James Jones, who is pictured below (L) with his 50-year Pin and getting ready to receive his 50-Year Certificate and Lifetime Dues Card from RWB Don Cox, DDGM (R).  Congratulations Brother Jones!


Monday, September 13th  On Monday, September 13 RWB Don Cox, DDGM and RWB Dick Wesner visited two Brothers at their homes to present them their 60-year Awards.  These were Brother Robert Moore and Brother Melvin Lewis.  They are unable to attend meetings at this time, but both were most appreciative to receive their awards.  Congratulations Brothers!


Thursday, July 29th  On Thursday, July 29, 2021 Myrtle Beach Lodge #353 put on an EA Degree for four of our Candidates.  Congratulations to our new Brothers as they embark on their Masonic journey.  Pictured below are (from L to R) Brother Raymond Moyer, Brother Robert “Josh” Liebold, Brother Bernard Steed III and Brother Jerry Dan Vickory.


Tuesday, July 13th  RWB Don Cox, DDGM was asked by Virginia Grand Lodge to present an award to RWB Dick Wesner at our July Regular Communication.  If a Mason is associated with any Virginia-affiliated Lodge, the Grand Lodge of Virginia recognizes all Masons who have reached 50 years in Masonry regardless of their current jurisdiction.

Pictured below are RWB Wesner (L) receiving his Virginia 50-year Certificate, Pin and Card from RWB Don Cox (R).

The July Regular Communication was also the Official Visit from the District Deputy of 29th Masonic District, our own RWB Don Cox (also our Secretary).  RWB Cox addressed the Lodge in his capacity as District Deputy, pictured below (L) with WM Mark Aston (R).



Thursday, June 24th  A Master Mason Degree was held at Myrtle Beach Lodge #353 for two of our Brothers, along with Brother Scott Miller, from Murrells Inlet Lodge #386.  The two newly raised Master Masons from Myrtle Beach #353 are Brother Sean Kenny and Brother Anthony Holdaway, and we welcome them into the Brotherhood and having them join in our meetings and Masonic events… and to Murrells Inlet’s Brother Scott Miller.  Congratulations to all three new Master Masons.

Pictured below are Brother Sean Kenny (L) and Brother Anthony Holdaway (R).


Tuesday, May 11th  The May meeting was our first Regular Communications since restrictions were eased, and normalcy returns to our Masonic lives.

At this meeting WM Mark Aston (pictured on R, below) presented plaques to Brother Robert Shelley (L) in recognition of his contribution to getting the Lodge lobby fixed up and renovated, and one for all the ongoing work he has done, and continues to do for the Lodge.  Thank you, Brother Shelley!

Also joining us before the meeting was Mrs. Trudi Roberts.  She received a plaque in appreciation of the support and dedication our departed Brother Billy Roberts and she had given to the Lodge, and the check Trudi had presented to the Lodge from Brother Billy’s estate.  Thank you, Trudi – the Brothers of the Lodge appreciate it so much, and Brother Billy will always be remembered fondly.

Pictured below are (Front row L to R) WM Mark Aston, Mrs. Trudi Roberts, RWB Dick Wesner and (Back row L to R) RWB Myron Creel and Treasurer, Brother Jim Jarrell.


Friday, April 23rd  Myrtle Beach 353 Worshipful Master Mark Aston, Secretary WB Don Cox and a handful of other Myrtle Beach 353 Brothers traveled to Charleston to attend Grand lodge.  Congratulations to the following newly-elected and appointed Grand Lodge Officers:

MWB Ronald C. Mitchum  –  Grand Master
RWB Steven D Hames  –  Deputy Grand Master
RWB Thomas Watson  –  Senior Grand Warden
RWB A. C. Flora IV  –  Junior Grand Warden
MWB Jack A. Marler, PGM  –  Grand Treasurer
MWB Gerald L. Carver, PGM  –  Grand Secretary
RWB A. Robert Nix  –  Grand Chaplain​
29th Masonic District
RWB Donald C. Cox  –  District Deputy Grand Master 


January – April  2021 has so far been quite a complicated year for South Carolina Masons.  Lodges were open under a series of requirements, restrictions and amended policies set by the Grand Master and SC Grand Lodge.  Some Lodges had not yet reopened – a decision that was left to the Worshipful Master and Brothers to make.

Myrtle Beach Lodge #353 reopened at the first opportunity last year, and continued under South Carolina Grand Lodge ongoing guidance, instructions and updates.

April 23rd was Grand Lodge, held in Charleston, and a New Grand Master (MWB Ronald C. Mitchum) and line of Grand Officers were announced and installed.    It was at Grand Lodge that it was announced that Covid-related restrictions were removed, and Lodges could resume holding meetings and Degrees with very limited restrictions, and visitors can attend other lodges.