NEWS from 2023


Tuesday, December 12th  Our December Meeting was also out Ladies Night and Open Installation of Officers.  Wives and guests were invited, and a wonderful Prime Rib Dinner was served, fixed by Brother Jim Jarrell and his wife El, with help from several other Brothers.  “Thank you Jim, El and team”!  

The Installation of 2024 Officers took place after dinner.  Pictured below.  Congratulations Officers!

Myrtle Beach Lodge 353’s two Annual awards, voted on by the Brothers, were presented to the recipients at the close of the Installation of Officers. 

“Mason of the Year” for 2023 was presented to Brother Eddie Vanderbilt (L) by Brother Jim Jarrell (R) in picture below.  We congratulate Brother Eddie, and thank him for all the hours he volunteered and all the help he gave the Lodge over the past twelve months.

The 2023 “Past Master of the Year” was presented to our outgoing Worshipful Master, WB Mark Aston (L) by our incoming Worshipful Master, WB Phil Workman (R) in the following picture.  WB Mark had finished his second year as Worshipful Master, and despite the demands of a busy job, and family and other obligations he seamlessly saw that the Lodge functioned as it should went over and above to see that meetings, Degrees and Lodge events always ran smoothly.  Thank you – and Congratulations WB Mark!   

Finally, a busy night ended with the presentation of the Past Master’s Certificate.  Pictured below are WB Mark Aston (L) receiving his Certificate from WB Phil Workman (R).  Thank you again, WB Mark. 


Tuesday, November 14th  Elections for the 2024 Officers took place at the November 14, 2023 Regular Communications. 

The list of the 2024 Officers are as follows – Congratulations to all!

Worshipful Master – Elect Brother Phil Workman
Senior Warden – Elect Brother Ed Vanderbilt
Junior Warden – Elect Brother Dino Barr
Treasurer – Elect Brother Eric Watson
Secretary – Elect RWB Don Cox
Senior Deacon Brother Jay Dennis
Junior Deacon Brother Tim Lawrence
Steward Brother John Pezzuti
Steward Brother Billy Leckie
Chaplain WB Steve Kahn
Tiler Brother Frank Haney
Marshal Brother Adam Merritt



Monday, October 30th   Myrtle Beach Lodge #353 put on an EA Degree on Monday, October 30th for two of our Candidates.  Pictured below are Brother Alan Kalisky (L) and Brother Mark Spence (R) who each took their EA Degree.  Congratulations Brothers Alan and Mark!  We welcome you as you journey on to become Master Masons in Myrtle Beach Lodge #353.


Tuesday, October 10th   At our October Regular Communication Brother William (“Billy”) Leckie III, pictured below (L) was presented his Apron, Dues Card and Ahimon Rezon by Brother Phil Workman (R).  Brother Billy was raised at the Outdoor Degree on September 30th, but we were unable to secure a good picture due to the lack of daylight.

Also at the October meeting were two Brothers who have reached 50 years as Masons.  Pictured below are Brother Casper Sarvis (L) and Brother William Howe (C) along with RWB Don Cox, DDGM and Myrtle Beach 353 Secretary who represented Grand Lodge and presented the Brothers with their 50-year Certificates, Lifetime Dues Cards, 50-year Pins and congratulatory letters from Grand Lodge.  We congratulate both Brothers for attaining this milestone.


Saturday, September 30th  The annual Outdoor Degree was held on Saturday, September 30th in a new location in Loris.  This year was Myrtle Beach 353’s turn to host the event… and a big “thank you” go out to all our Brothers who helped in organizing the meal, getting everything required out to the site, setting it up and tearing it down, and to all Myrtle Beach 353 Brothers in attendance.  The Degree went well, and MWB Steven D. Hames (Grand Master) and MWB Jack A. Marler, PGM (Grand Treasurer) came from Grand Lodge.  A group picture of some who were in attendance is below.

Five Brothers from various Lodges were raised to Master Masons, including one from Myrtle Beach 353.  

We congratulate Brother William Robert Leckie III, from Myrtle Beach 353 on being raised at the Outdoor Degree, and welcome our newest Master Mason as he prepares to join us at future meetings and events.


Thursday, September 21st   A Fellowcraft Degree was put on at the Lodge on Thursday, September 21 for two of our Brothers, and as a courtesy for two more from other local Lodges.  Our congratulations go out to Brother Vincent Padavano and Brother Larson Baldwin on taking their Fellowcraft, and we look forward to each of them taking their MM Degree and participating in Myrtle Beach 353 meetings and activities in the near future.


Thursday, July 27th  Myrtle Beach Lodge 353 put on an EA Degree on Thursday, July 27th for three new Candidates.  Taking their EA Degree were Candidates Archie Dargan IV, George Bryan III and William Pietrucha.  Congratulations Brothers!  We are excited to have each of you working toward become Master Masons in our Lodge, and look forward to supporting your next steps.


Thursday, July 20th  On Thursday, July 20th members of Myrtle Beach 353 took one of our EA Brothers to Seaside Lodge 419 where they conferred the Fellowcraft Degree on him.  Congratulations to Brother William Leckie (pictured below) and thank-you to the Officers and members of Seaside Lodge 419 for putting on the Degree.  We look forward to Brother Leckie continuing on his Masonic journey and becoming a Master Mason. 


Monday, June 19th The June Master & Wardens meeting was held June 19th at Conway 65, and was attended by SC Grand Lodge Officers MWB Steven D. Hames, Grand Master and RWB A.C. Flora, Senior Grand Warden.  Also attending were DGGM 29th District (and our Secretary) Don Cox as well as WM Mark Aston, RWB Myron Creel and Brother Ed Vanderbilt all from Myrtle Beach 353 and pictured somewhere in the group photo below (!)


Thursday, May 25th  On Thursday, May 25th Myrtle Beach  Lodge 353 put on a Master Mason Degree for Brother John F. Pezzuti (pictured below) and our Congratulations go out to Brother John on becoming the newest member of our Lodge.  We thank him, too for all the work he has contributed to the Lodge over the past several months while preparing to be raised, and we look forward to him joining us at our upcoming meetings and events.


April 26th – 28th  Grand Lodge Annual Meetings & Elections were held at the Embassy Suites in Greenville, SC from Wednesday April 26th through Friday, April 28th, 2023.  On the Wednesday night MWB Ronald C. Mitchum, Grand Master held his Grand Master’s Dinner to which the District Deputies and spouses were invited.  Our own Secretary, RWB Don Cox, who is also our 29th District Deputy Grand Master, along with his wife, Jane attended the dinner and are pictured below.

Meetings were held on Thursday, followed by the Grand Lodge Banquet in the evening.  On Friday the Business Meeting, Voting and Elections of Officers took Place.  Pictured below are Myrtle Beach Lodge 353 attendees (from L to R): Brother Ed Vanderbilt (Junior Warden), RWB Myron Creel (PDDGM), WB Mark Aston (Worshipful Master) and RWB Don Cox (Secretary)  / 29th District Deputy Grand Master.


Saturday, April 15th  Saturday, April 15th was “Lodge Clean-up Day” and a big thank-you goes out to the Officers, Brothers and family members who came out to help.  A lot of work was done on the outside, and when done, our Lodge exterior looked great.  Thank you again to all who worked tirelessly on the interior as well, and the volunteers not pictured.



Thursday, April 6th On Thursday, April 6th, members of Myrtle Beach #353 took one of their Candidates to Socastee Lodge #421 where they conferred the EA Degree on him.  Congratulations to Brother Scott Flora (pictured below) and thank-you to the Officers and members of Socastee #421 for putting on the Degree for him.  We look forward to Brother Flora continuing on his Masonic journey to becoming a Master Mason.


Thursday, March 23rd On Thursday, March 23rd Myrtle Beach Lodge conferred a Fellowcraft Degree.  We congratulate Brother John F. Pezzuti and look forward to seeing him raised as a Master Mason in the near future.


February, 2023  You may have noticed that in the dining room we have brand new tables and chairs (pictured below).  These were purchased and donated by the 2023 Officers and Past Masters.  Thank you to all those in this group for the donation – the Lodge appreciates this upgrade.


Thursday, February 23rd On Thursday, February 23rd Myrtle Beach Lodge put on another EA Degree.  We had three (3) additional candidates take their Degree with a good turnout of Brothers in attendance.  Congratulations to Brother Vincent Padavano, Brother Oscar Herrera and Brother Jason Joy.  We look forward supporting each of you as you continue on your Masonic journey.


Thursday, January 26th On Thursday, January 26, 2023 Myrtle Beach Lodge 353 held their first Degree of the year.  We had a great turnout to see a group of five (5) of our Candidates take their EA Degree.  Pictured below, from L to R are Brother William Leckie, Brother Luke Miller, Brother Alex Wetherell, Brother Joseph Baldwin and Brother Douglas Alexander. What a great start to 2023… Congratulations Brothers!  We welcome you as you journey on to become Master Masons in Myrtle Beach Lodge 353.


Tuesday, December 13, 2022  Congratulations to our 2023 Officers were installed at the December 13, 2022 Open Installation / Ladies Night:

Worshipful Master WB Mark Aston
Senior Warden Brother Phil Workman
Junior Warden Brother Ed Vanderbilt
Treasurer  Brother Jim Jarrell
Secretary RWB Don Cox
Senior Deacon Brother Dino Barr
Junior Deacon Brother Jay Dennis
Steward Brother Sean Kenny
Steward Brother Raymond Moyer
Chaplain WB Steve Kahn
Tiler WB Steve St. Clair 
Marshal Brother Adam Merritt