NEWS from 2018

December 11, 2018
Our December meeting was a joint Ladies Night and Open Installation of (2019) Officers.  Our Ladies, were invited to come eat with us, and watch the Open Installation.  A wonderful meal of Prime Rib or bacon-wrapped Chicken, wonderful side dishes, salad, shrimp and dessert was prepared by WB Greg Barsnica (WM-Elect) and his Officers-Elect… and we thank them all for the delicious meal which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.  Pictures can be seen on the 2018 Photo Gallery page.
Our Brothers voted for our late Brother Mike Williams (pictured Below) as Mason of the Year Award for 2018, and the plaque will be taken to his Widow and presented to her.  Mike, who served as a Stewart, volunteered much time and resources to help the Lodge in any way he could before his untimely passing in April, and we were all honored to have known him and we remember him fondly.

Mason of the Year

Brother Mike Williams

7/1/1961 – 4/22/2018

The vote for Past Master of the Year went to WB Greg Barsnica, pictured below (L) receiving his plaque from WM Steve Kahn (R).  Congratulations WB Greg!
After the dinner and the Lodge was opened, the ladies and guests were invited in to the Open Installation, where the 2019 Officers were installed by RWB Dave Harrell, with RWB Myron Creel serving as the Installing Marshall.  Congratulations to all.

See more pictures on the 2018 Photo Gallery page.

November 13, 2018
We were fortunate to have several Grand Lodge Officers at our November meeting.  Pictured below are (from L to R):  WB Jeff Honeycutt, Senior Grand Deacon; RWB Dick Wesner; RWB Keith A. Sitka; RWB Dave Harrell, MEC; WB Josh Backfield, PJGD; RWM O.B. Smith, SGW; RWB Tommy Watson, Grand Marshal; RWB Myron Creel.
We had a 60-Year presentation at the meeting.  Pictured below are RWB Tommy Watson (L), who reads the letter from Grand Lodge congratulating Brother Kenneth Swain (C) with RWM O.B. Smith (R) presenting his 60-Year Certificate.  Congratulations Brother Swain!
The picture below shows Brother Swain being congratulated byWM Steve Kahn.
The Elections for the 2019 Officers also took place at the November meeting, and Congratulations go out to the following:
WM – WB Greg Barsnica
SW – WM Steve Kahn
JW – Brother Louis Saenz
Treasurer – Brother Jim Jarrell
Secretary – WB Don Cox
SD – Brother Dargan Foxworth
Chaplain – RWB Myron Creel
Tiler – Brother Mike DeSalis
Marshal – Brother Dino Barr
Junior Deacon – Brother Mark Aston
Steward – Brother Dewey Anderson
Steward – Brother Holden Bullock

October 22, 2018
Myrtle Beach Lodge #353 had two candidates take their EA Degree on Monday, October 22, 2018.  Congratulations to Brother Joshua Brown (L) and Brother Duncan Barbour (R) pictured below as they each begin their journey to becoming a Master Mason in our Lodge.

October 9, 2018
At our October Regular Communication meeting, DDGM RWB Billy Carroll was in attendance as two members of our Lodge received awards.
Pictured Below is WB Don Myers (L) who has been a Mason for 50 years.  He received his 50-year Certificate, Card and Pin and is shown with RWB Billy Carroll (C) and WM Steve Kahn (R).
Also receiving an Award is Brother Kenny Thompson (L) who reached his 25-years as a Mason, and received his 25-year Pin.  He is also pictured with RWB Billy Carroll (C) and WM Steve Kahn (R).
Congratulations to both our Brothers!

October 4, 2018
On Thursday, October 4, 2018 Myrtle Beach Lodge #353 held a Master Mason Degree for two of our Brothers.  The Degree was put on by the Masters & Wardens, and we thank and appreciate them for putting it on.  Raised to Master Masons were Brother Dewey Anderson (pictured L below) and Brother Holden Bullock (R). Congratulations Brothers… we welcome you as Master Masons in Myrtle Beach Lodge #353.

August 16, 2018
Thank you to all the Brothers at Horry #381 who put on the EA Degree for one of Myrtle Beach #353 candidates, along with one of their own.   We congratulate Brother Frank Streeter as he begins his journey to becoming a Master Mason in our Lodge.

July 10, 2018
The July Regular Communication was also the Official Visit of RWB Billy Carroll, DDGM.  Pictured below are RWB Carroll (L) and WM Steve Kahn (R).
Also, the July meeting debuted the Lodge’s new Past Master display.  All the Past Master pictures were taken down when the Lodge lobby was under renovation, and it was decided to re-photograph each picture and have a “revolving” display on the large-screen, donated TV monitor running on meeting nights and special occasions.  A sample of  these slides are pictured below:

June 30, 2018
On Saturday morning, two of our EA Brothers were taken to Conway Lodge #65 where Conway put on the Fellowcraft Degree for them, along with their own EA’s.  Congratulations to Brother Holden Bullock and Brother Dewey Anderson, as they step closer to becoming Master Masons in Myrtle Beach Lodge #353.  Thank you to all the Brothers at Conway Lodge #65 for putting on the Degree, and a great breakfast.

June 28, 2018
Myrtle Beach Lodge #353 had three more candidates take their EA Degree this month.  Pictured below are Brother Richard Underwood (L), Brother Mark Hanna (C) and Brother John Gonzalez (R).  Congratulations to Brothers Underwood, Hanna and Gonzalez, and we are proud to have them on their way to becoming Master Masons in our Lodge.
Also, pictured below, Brother Stephen St. Clair (L) received a Certified Lecturer pin from RWB Dave Harrell.  Congratulations Brother St. Clair.

June 12, 2018
At the June Regular Communication, WM Steve Kahn presented Past Master Pins to the Past Masters pictured below.  From Left to Right are:  WB Reese Wesner, RWB Dick Wesner, WB Don Cox, (WM Steve Kahn), RWB Myron Creel, WB Greg Barsnica and WB Josh Backfield.

June 2, 2018
We had a very successful Pancake Breakfast and Yard Sale.  Thank you to all the Brothers who helped with both fundraiser, and to everyone who came pout to support the Lodge.  A great breakfast was enjoyed by all, and many bargains were found at the Yard Sale!  Below are a couple of pictures, and more can be found on our Photo Gallery page.

May 24, 2018
We are pleased to announce that Myrtle Beach Lodge #353 had three more candidates take their EA Degree.  They are, pictured below,  Brother Jonathan Dick (L), Brother Jacob Mullins (C) and Brother Alton Swann (R).  Congratulations to these three Brothers.  We look forward to following and supporting them as they take their journey to becoming Master Masons.

April 19, 2018
Two candidates took their EA Degree at Myrtle Beach Lodge #353.  Pictured below are Brother Holden Bullock (L) and Brother Dewey Anderson (R).  Our congratulations to Brothers Bullock and Anderson as they begin their Masonic journey.
Also at the EA Degree, an Honorary Life Membership was presented to WB George Graham from Loris Lodge #205 in appreciation of the help and support he has provided to Myrtle Beach Lodge #353 over the years.  Pictured below are WM Steve Kahn (L) and WB George Graham (R) after receiving his Honorary Life Membership card.

April 17, 2018
Our Myrtle Beach Lodge #353 Secretary, WB Don Cox is a plural member with Socastee Lodge #421, which is his Home Lodge.  Pictured below is WB Cox (R) receiving his 40-year pin and card from RWB Dave Harrell, DDGM (L), also a plural member with Socastee Lodge #421, with Socastee #421’s WM Kip Hillman (Center).  Congratulations WB Cox!

April 9, 2018
A group of Brothers travelled to Grand Strand Lodge #392 to capture their flag.  Pictured below is WM Steve Kahn with the flag.