NEWS from 2016

December 13, 2016
Congratulations to the 2017 Officers who were installed at Myrtle Beach Lodge #353’s “Open Installation” and Ladies Night.  Thank you to the members who cooked and set-up the evening and for the Masonic ladies, family members and widows who attended.


Congratulations to 2016 WM Greg Barsnica (pictured below, L) who was presented his Past Master’s Apron from RWB Dave Harrell, DDGM.

Brother Jim Jarrell was awarded the 2016 “Mason of the Year” award, and is pictured below, joined by his wife, after receiving his plaque from RWB Dave Harrell, DDGM.  Congratulations, Brother Jarrell.

Congratulations are also extended to WB Mike Ferguson, who was awarded with the  “Past Master of the Year” award for 2016.  WB Ferguson is on the left in the picture below, with RWB Dave Harrell DDGM after his presentation.

October – November 2016
In October and November, Myrtle Beach Lodge #353 collected items for two well deserving groups.  First, cans of Vienna sausages and chicken noodle soup were collected for the local help group “Help 4 Kids”.  Pictured below are WM Greg Barsnica and WB Reese Wesner presenting a cart of these items to a “Help 4 Kids” representative.

Help 4 Kids donation

Secondly, Beef Jerky, protein bars and packages of Sunflower Seeds were collected (picture below) and sent in care packages to our troops in Afghanistan for the holidays.

Donations to troops in Afghanistan

November 8, 2016
25 Year pins were awarded to Brother Joe Johnson, III and his father, Brother Joe Johnson, Jr. at the November Regular Communication meeting.  Pictured below from L to R are RWB Dave Harrell, DDGM, Brother Joe Johnson, III, Brother Joe Johnson, Jr. and WM Greg Barsnica.


Congratulations to the 2017 Officers-Elect.  Elected and appointed were:  RWB Dave Harrell, DDGM (Worshipful Master); Brother Steve Kahn (Senior Warden); Brother Benjamin Robbins (Junior Warden); Brother Jim Jarrell (Treasurer); WB Don Cox (Secretary); Brother Luis Saenz (Senior Deacon); WB Greg Barsnica (Junior Deacon); Brother Eric Watson and Brother Russell Richardson (Stewards); Brother Billy Roberts (Chaplain); Brother Michael DeSalis (Tiler)

October 24, 2016
Myrtle Beach Lodge #353 has two new Master Masons!  Congratulations to Brother Russell Richardson (pictured below, L) and Brother Eric Watson (pictured below, R) who took their Master Mason Degree, put on by Grand Strand Lodge #392 in North Myrtle Beach.  Congratulations and welcome to these two newly raised Brothers, and we look forward to them becoming an active part of Myrtle Beach Lodge #353.


September 22, 2016
A Fellowcraft Degree was put on at Myrtle Beach Lodge #353 for Brother Sydney Chase and Brother Dennis “Mike” Williams.  Congratulations to these two Brothers, and we will be following them and supporting them as they continue on to become Master Masons in our Lodge.


Before the Degree, Brother Russell Richardson and Brother Eric Watson showed proficiency in the FellowCraft Degree.  Brothers Richardson (L) and Watson (R) are pictured below.

Richardson & Watson

September 13, 2016
Several awards were given out at September’s Regular Communication.  50-Year Certificates and pins were presented to RW Brother Dick Wesner and Brother Billy Roberts.  They were joined by their wives and family members for this presentation, as the Brothers offered their congratulations on reaching such a milestone in Masonry.  Pictured below from L to R are Brother Roberts,  RWB Dave Harrell, DDGM and RWB Wesner.


Myrtle Beach Lodge #353 welcomed visitor Brother Sterling Bishop of Poughkeepsie Lodge #266, New York.  Brother Bishop lives in our area now, and we were proud to have him awarded his 60-Year Certificate and Apron by RWB Dave Harrell, DDGM of the 29th Masonic District, on behalf of his home lodge.  Congratulations Brother Bishop (pictured below).  Also pictured is a group shot of award recipients and family members.

Br Sterling Bishop and wife   a42c6567-c144-41e5-9a19-f0083f9c57a2

Also awarded was a a 25-Year Pin to Brother Steve Kahn.  Congratulations Brother Kahn (pictured below receiving the pin from WM Greg Barsnica) on receiving this Award.

September 1, 2016
Congratulations to Brother Marion Foxworth IV who took his EA Degree at  Horry Lodge #381.  Thank you to Horry #381 for putting on this EA as a courtesy, and we look forward to Brother Foxworth continuing down his Masonic path with Myrtle Beach Lodge #353.

August 25, 2016
We took Brother Eric Watson to Socastee Lodge No. 421 where the Socastee Brethren put on the Fellowcraft Degree for him.  Thank you to Socastee Lodge for extending us this courtesy, and we congratulate Brother Watson, and look forward to him becoming a Master Mason in the near future.

July 14, 2016
Congratulations to Brother James Player, who took his EA Degree, put on by Socastee Lodge No. 421.  We appreciate Socastee Lodge putting on the EA as a courtesy and look forward to Brother Player continuing his Masonic journey with Myrtle Beach Lodge #353.

May 26, 2016
Four of our Myrtle Beach Lodge #353 EA Candidates took their EA Degree.  Pictured below from L to R, congratulations to Brothers Michael Stackhouse, Timothy Kirkpatrick, Douglas Craig, II and Barry Elvis, Sr.  We look forward to these Brothers taking their Fellowcraft Degree in the near future, and continuing on to being raised as Master Masons.


May 18, 2016
Congratulations to Brothers Eric Watson and Marty Sherron, who took their EA Degree, put on by Seaside Lodge No. 419.  We appreciate Seaside Lodge putting on the EA as a courtesy and look forward to these two brothers continuing their Masonic journey with Myrtle Beach Lodge #353.

May 10, 2016
At the May Regular Communication, WM Greg Barsnica (L) presented Brother Dakoda Wagoner (R), pictured below, with a Myrtle Beach Lodge #353 embroidered golf shirt, a Masonic pin and patches to thank him for all the time he donated and work he put in to painting the interior of the Lodge.


Also at the May Regular Communication Brother Steve Kahn (R) presented Brother Luis Saenz (L), pictured below, with a Masonic Apron in appreciation of the great job he has done cooking and serving the Lodge meals so far this year.


April 2016
LODGE SPRUCE UP – Recently the Lodge undertook a Spring Update.
“THANK YOU” to the following:
  • Tim (the Manager of the Seaboard Sherwin Williams), who donated some paint and provided a great deal on the rest.
  • Brother Steve Kahn, who bought the paint for the interior of the Lodge.
  • Brother Dakoda Wagoner who donated the time and labor to paint the entire inside of the Lodge.
  • WM Greg Barsnica and WB Reese Wesner, who moved all the chairs and furniture out of the Lodge prior to painting…
  • Brother Luis Saenz (and his wife) and Brother Dino Barr who cleaned up the outside of the Lodge.
  • Painting inside of Lodge     20160429_123629

Friday, April 29, 2016
We are proud to announce that our Senior Warden, RWB Dave Harrell (pictured below) was appointed the new District Deputy Grand Master for the 29th Masonic District at Grand Lodge.  Congratulations RWB Dave!
Dave Harrell     IMG9527851

Thursday, April 14, 2016
Brothers Russell Richardson and Daniel (Dino) Barr continued on their journey to becoming Master Masons and took their Fellowcraft Degree at Myrtle Beach Lodge No. 353.


Tuesday, April 5, 2016
As part of the SC Grand Lodge fundraiser to support Juvenile Diabetes Research and “put George Washington back in Schools”, Myrtle Beach Lodge #353 made a donation so a framed portrait of George Washington could be donated to a local South Carolina school.  Pictured below, WB Greg Barsnica and Officers of Myrtle Beach Lodge #353 make the presentation to Myrtle Beach High School.

Thursday, February 25, 2016
Congratulations to Brothers Sydney Chase and Russell Richardson, pictured below from L to R, who took their EA Degree at Myrtle Beach Lodge No. 353. We look forward to these two brothers continuing their Masonic journey with our lodge.


Thursday, January 28, 2016
Pictured below (from L to R) are Brothers Jonathan Jones, David Singleton, John Newman and Harold Pippin, Jr. who were raised as Master Masons at Myrtle Beach Lodge #353.  We welcome these four new Master Masons to the Lodge and look forward to seeing them at our meetings and at future Masonic events.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016
Along with the WM and several Officers of Myrtle Beach Lodge #353, DDGM Gordon Best visited Grand Strand Healthcare to present Brother Jacob Miller with his 50 Year Certificate and Pin.  Pictured below are Brother Miller being assisted with his Masonic Apron by WB Don Cox, Secretary, being presented with his 50 year recognition awards by DDGM Gordon Best, and proudly displaying his 50 Year Certificate. Congratulations, Brother Miller!

IMG_2167     FFEA23C6-93AA-4231-920D-9DCFD124DE17     255E7588-5BDF-4DD9-A0FD-A399AB714F15