Thursday, June 16th  An EA Degree was held at the Lodge on Thursday, June 16th, and the Lodge is proud to have the largest group of Candidates in a long time go through an EA together.  Pictured below (from Left to Right) are: Brother John Pezzuti, Brother Dalton Todd, Brother Hunter Todd, Brother Stephen Kindle, Brother Joshua Shelley and Brother Ryan Bogdewic.  Congratulations Brothers!  We look forward to following and supporting each of you as you continue on to becoming Master Masons.

Thursday, May 19th  On Thursday, May 19, 2022 a Master Mason Degree was held at Myrtle Beach Lodge #353 where Brother Raymond Moyer, pictured below, was raised as a Master Mason.  Congratulations and welcome to Brother Raymond, and we look forward to having him participating in our meetings and Masonic events.
Brother Raymond Moyer

Thursday, March 24th  On Thursday, March 24, 2022 Myrtle Beach Lodge #353 held an EA Degree at the Lodge.  The Degree was for Candidate James Dicintio.  We congratulate and welcome Brother James Dicintio (pictured below) as he takes his first step toward becoming a Master Mason.


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