Tuesday, May 11th  The May meeting was our first Regular Communications since restrictions were eased, and normalcy returns to our Masonic lives.

At this meeting WM Mark Aston (pictured on R, below) presented plaques to Brother Robert Shelley (L) in recognition of his contribution to getting the Lodge lobby fixed up and renovated, and one for all the ongoing work he has done, and continues to do for the Lodge.  Thank you, Brother Shelley!

Also joining us before the meeting was Mrs. Trudi Roberts.  She received a plaque in appreciation of the support and dedication our departed Brother Billy Roberts and she had given to the Lodge, and the check Trudi had presented to the Lodge from Brother Billy’s estate.  Thank you, Trudi – the Brothers of the Lodge appreciate it so much, and Brother Billy will always be remembered fondly.

Pictured below are (Front row L to R) WM Mark Aston, Mrs. Trudi Roberts, RWB Dick Wesner and (Back row L to R) RWB Myron Creel and Treasurer, Brother Jim Jarrell.


Friday, April 23rd  Myrtle Beach 353 Worshipful Master Mark Aston, Secretary WB Don Cox and a handful of other Myrtle Beach 353 Brothers traveled to Charleston to attend Grand lodge.  Congratulations to the following newly-elected and appointed Grand Lodge Officers:

MWB Ronald C. Mitchum  –  Grand Master
RWB Steven D Hames  –  Deputy Grand Master
RWB Thomas Watson  –  Senior Grand Warden
RWB A. C. Flora IV  –  Junior Grand Warden
MWB Jack A. Marler, PGM  –  Grand Treasurer
MWB Gerald L. Carver, PGM  –  Grand Secretary
RWB A. Robert Nix  –  Grand Chaplain​
29th Masonic District
RWB Donald C. Cox  –  District Deputy Grand Master 


January – April  2021 has so far been quite a complicated year for South Carolina Masons.  Lodges were open under a series of requirements, restrictions and amended policies set by the Grand Master and SC Grand Lodge.  Some Lodges had not yet reopened – a decision that was left to the Worshipful Master and Brothers to make.

Myrtle Beach Lodge #353 reopened at the first opportunity last year, and continued under South Carolina Grand Lodge ongoing guidance, instructions and updates.

April 23rd was Grand Lodge, held in Charleston, and a New Grand Master (MWB Ronald C. Mitchum) and line of Grand Officers were announced and installed.    It was at Grand Lodge that it was announced that Covid-related restrictions were removed, and Lodges could resume holding meetings and Degrees with very limited restrictions, and visitors can attend other lodges.